Where do lessons take place?

Chicago lessons take place at the Bradley Center (2500 W Bradley Pl)

Willowbrook lessons take place at Diamond Edge (7850 S Quincy St)

Schererville lessons take place at Triple Crown All-Stars (2208 US 41)

What is the difference between private and semi private lessons?

Private lessons are 1 on 1 and semi private lessons are 2, 3, or 4 students with 1 coach.  Semi private lessons can be groups that you build and bring in for 1 hour of training or you can sign up as an individual in our semi private classes.  Semi privates can be a cheaper alternative to private lessons.

How long are lessons?

For private lessons, we recommend 30 minutes per skill you work on that day.  Semi private lessons are 1 hour in length and can work on one or two skills.  We recommend that no lessons go over one hour in length per day.

How can I book lessons?

Lessons booked 48 hours in advance or more can be booked online here.   Within 48 hours, you need to call 773-682-5549 to book your lesson.  All lessons are prepaid on a credit card or by sending in a check in advance of booking your lessons.  Lessons can not be paid for at the time of the lesson.

How do I choose an instructor?

Find our instructor bio’s here to order to match our experts to your area of need.

How often should I take a lesson?

Most customers use their lessons once a week.  More than once a week can be more effective.  Using lessons less often than once a week is only recommended for maintenance work, not building mechanics.

Is Video Analysis used in every lesson?

Instructors with an * next to their name are our certified digital motion analysis experts.  They can use DMA in any lesson, based on your request.  Otherwise we use computer DMA, on average, twice during a 3 hour package and camera DMA almost every lesson.

How can I check my account balance with Elite Baseball Training?

You can see your entire account history with us by clicking here and logging in.

What is the cancellation policy?

We require 48 hours notice to cancel a lesson.  You can manage and change your own lessons by logging in, 48 hours ahead of time.  Cancelling within 48 hours of the lesson will result in loss of the lesson time unless we can sell that spot to someone on our waiting list.

Video Analysis

Video analysis is the most efficient way to get an initial evaluation of your swing and to track progress over time.  Whether you upload your video on our site or are using video analysis in your lessons, our site can archive your videos so you can check your progress and review previous lessons.  We recommend the add-on feature of video analysis archiving to your lesson package as a resource to aid your instruction.


What type of video can we send you to be analyzed?

Almost all digital video can be uploaded to our server and analyzed.  Specifically, avi, wmv, mov, mp4, m4v, vob, 3gp, ast, asx, qt, swf, mpg, mod, or mts.  This needs to be the raw footage from your camera.  Youtube links or movies taken via IPhone will not work.

I don’t know much about cameras or video. Can I just send you a DVD?

Yes, if you send us a DVD we can convert it to the correct format.  However, converting videos from DVD can result in minor loss of quality.  Send DVD to Elite Baseball Training, 2524 W. Argyle St.  Chicago, IL  60625

How many swings do I need to send you to be analyzed?

One swing of your choosing is sufficient.

Where should I film from for best analyzation?

Film should be from the side view of a hitter, flush with the hitter’s chest.  The entire hitter needs to be in the picture – from feet, to the tip of bat.  Video closer to the hitter, under these specifications, is better.

How does the add-on feature of archived Motion Analysis to the Private Lesson Package work?

The add on feature to the private lesson package, records the picture and voice over analysis we do with a hitter at that lesson and archives it on our website.  You will hear the exact verbiage and see the on-screen footage taken from the lesson.  It is archived the next day onto our server for you to look at in less than 24 hours.

How do I access my video analysis on the website?

Once analysis is complete, you will be sent a notification email.  Your video(s) will be password protected and housed on our site for one calendar year.


How do Skype lessons work?

Skype is a free video conferencing site that allows people to talk and see one another over their computer screens.  You can download skype for free at http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/.

Once you purchase and schedule a time, we will email you to get your “skype name.”  At the scheduled time, we will call you via skype and start the lesson.  You can do the lesson wherever you normally hit as long as there is a wifi connection.   For best results, skype lessons are usually done with players who have a “at home” hitting station set up.  These lessons are great from players who are out of the Chicago area.

How long are Skype lessons?

Skype lessons are 30 minutes in length which can be verified at the end of your Skype call by looking at your call log.

What is covered during a Skype lesson?

Skype lessons are best for mechanics work and mental approach training.  Skype lessons are extremely effective for mechanics as the majority of the work we do will be off of a tee.  The lessons are not as effective for timing drills in live batting practice.

How good is the quality of the picture and sound during a skype lesson?

Even with average computer wifi connections, skype lesson video and audio quality is almost as good as high definition.

How often should we schedule a Skype Lesson?

Skype lesson follow up is just as important as live one on one lesson follow up.  We recommend a 3 hour package of weekly 30 minute lessons to start.

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