Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Elite Baseball Training’s Private Lessons are the best way to address the individual needs of the student.  We understand that every player is different.  Elite prides itself on being able to tailor our instruction to any age and ability level.  We do this by teaching “absolutes” rather than “styles.”  “Absolutes” are constants in the fundamentals of hitting, pitching and defense that ALL good players have in common.  This prevents our instructors from “cloning” players or teaching a student “the way we did it.”  Our instructors realize that every student is built a little differently – physically, mentally and emotionally, and will fit our instruction to get the best out of every student!

All of our instructors are trained and certified by Justin Stone, which provides consistency of curriculum throughout all of our instructors.  Elite has the unique ability to use technology to pass along the most efficient techniques to the player.  Our DMA certified instructors use high speed cameras and digital motion analysis to become the most effective teachers in the game.  This allows us to teach any player’s learning style combining, kinesthetic, visual, and auditory approaches in our lessons.

Elite Baseball Training recommends keeping a visual record of your lessons by using our voice-over video analysis archiving system.  All lesson packages, by digital motion analysis certified instructors will include video analysis as part of your package.  But now, our website can archive the real-time analysis on our website for your own personal use.  We recommend the add-on archiving feature, as you will have a record of improvement through the learning process that will aid you when you are working on your own.  Players will have their own password to access their personal video page.

All of our lesson booking is done on-line.  If you are not familiar with our online scheduling system please view our short tutorial below.  Click on our instructor bio’s here to view their schedules and book!  Lessons booked less than 48 hours in advance need to be called in for availability at 773.739.2170.


Lesson Cancellation Policy: All lessons scheduled through Elite Baseball Training can be cancelled or rescheduled outside of 48 hours prior to the lessons start time.  Once inside the 48 hour window clients will be charged for scheduled lessons.



Chicago Lessons are at the Bradley Sports Center at 2500 W. Bradley Pl (Click for Map)

Willowbrook Lessons with Travis Kerber are at Diamond Edge at 7850 S Quincy St (Click for Map)

Valpo Lessons are at Bases Loaded in Valparaiso, IN, at 884 W. 100 N. (Click for Map)

Schererville Lessons are at Triple Crown All-Stars at 2208 US 41, Schererville, IN


Elite’s Instructor Rates                                                          

30 Minute Lesson – $51                                                                       

6 pack (3 total hours) – $279                                             

12 Pack (6 total hours) – $515


Master Instructor Rates (Justin Stone, Travis Kerber & Ray Quiles)

30 Minute Lesson – $60

6 pack (3 total hours) – $329

12 pack (6 total hours) – $606  


Junior Lessons (Kids 8 & Under)

*Only available for use with select instructors

30 Minute Lesson – $41

6 pack (3 total hours) – $240


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Digital Motion Analysis Archiving Add-On

(Archives your real time voice over Digital Motion Analysis instruction from you lesson, to our website.  Videos are password protected)

1 Archived Video in the Lesson Package –   $25

Go to our Video Analysis section of the Online Store to purchase the DMA Add-On

Recurring Lessons

Recurring Lessons are defined as private lessons scheduled in the same time slot over a period of time greater than the “12-Pack” option can satisfy.    To set up Recurring Lessons please email  Cory Zomick.  When scheduling Recurring Lessons we recommend scheduling at least 45 days before the start of the desired lesson schedule.  If you are within the 45-day window Elite Baseball Training may not be able to guarantee the same time slot each week during the requested schedule.  All private lesson times will be awarded on a first come first serve basis and during the peak season (November through March) instructor schedules can be released online over 45 days in advance.



Semi Private Lessons

Semi private lessons are the same Elite instruction in partners or small groups.  You can build your own group or sign up in one of our semi private classes.  Semi private’s can be built for 2 to 4 players with 1 coach for an hour of instruction.  Groups will have the option of working on 1 or 2 skills (IE, hitting, pitching, defense) in the hour.  The semi privates are great for siblings, lessons with friends, or just a cheaper alternative to the private lesson option.  Our state of the art, high speed Digital Motion Analysis system can be used in any semi private lesson.  You will have the option of having us upload a copy of the video analysis to our website for your own personal use for a small additional fee.

Semi Private with Elite’s Instructors             Semi Private with Master Instructors


$125/Hour up to 4 players                                      $150/Hour up to 4 players

5-6 players cost is $30/player                                    5-6 players cost is $35/player

Add on Video Analysis Upload – $25              Add on Video Analysis Upload – $25

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