Skype Lessons

Skype Lessons

Skype is a free video conferencing site that allows people to talk and see one another over their computer screens.  You can download skype for free at http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/

Skype lessons are best for mechanics work and mental approach training.  The lessons are extremely effective for mechanics as the majority of the work we do will be off of a tee.  The lessons are not as effective for timing drills in live batting practice.    For best results, skype lessons are usually done with players who have a “at home” hitting station set up.  These lessons are great for players who are out of the Chicago area.

Once you purchase and schedule a time, we will email you to get your “skype name.”  At the scheduled time, we will call you via skype and start the lesson.  You can do the lesson wherever you normally hit as long as there is a wifi connection. Skype lesson follow up is just as important as live one on one lesson follow up.  We recommend a 3 hour package of weekly 30 minute lessons to start. Skype lessons are 30 minutes in length which can be verified at the end of your Skype call by looking at your call log.

See our 45 second Skype Demo Video above and book your Skype lesson today!

Elite’s Instructor Rates                           Justin Stone Rates

30 Minute Lesson –           $51                30 Minute Lesson –          $60

6 pack (3 total hours) –   $279                6 pack (3 total hours) –   $329

12 Pack (6 total hours) – $515                12 pack (6 total hours) – $606

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