Video Analysis

Video Analysis

Voiceover Video Analysis Upload Service:

Elite Baseball Training is the nation’s leader in using technology in the advancement of baseball instruction.  Justin Stone is a high speed video analysis expert, and critique your swing in person or on our site with some exciting options.

Elite Baseball Training has a video voiceover upload service that allows you to upload your videos of hitting or pitching to our server for us to analyze and put back on your own password protected page on our website.  In person, Elite can add high speed video analysis uploads to any of your lesson packages or camps you do with us, for a small fee.

Click here for more information on our Voiceover Video Analysis Upload Service.

Ultimate 3D Analysis Package:

Elite is the nation’s first user of Advanced Motion Measurement’s new 3D hitting analysis system for baseball players.  Elite has combined with Catalyst Performance in downtown Chicago to put you through the ultimate analysis screening.  Players will do a functional fitness and vision test with a biomechanics expert, conduct the 3D video analysis and get a full biomechanical report on the swing and Justin will customize a hitting plan in your own private lesson.  Justin will use his master’s degree in this field to break the information down in an easy to understand way.   This is the ONLY baseball academy in the nation that can provide this service for you!

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Hey Justin,

I just wanted to send you a quick note. Sunday night, yesterday and before his game today, Shane and I worked on the drills you suggested (we do already have a copy of your video) and applying what you suggested in the analysis regarding his scap load and holding it longer. Tonight during a playoff game Shane hit his 2nd home run to left center. As soon as we got in the truck to come home Shane said to me Justin was right, I held that scap load longer and felt the tension through my side and Boom!

Thanks for turning around the evaluation so quickly so we could put it into action right away for tonight.

Chris W.


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