Ultimate 3D Analysis

Ultimate 3D Analysis


Elite Baseball Training is the first baseball instructional group in the nation to provide 3D Motion Analysis for hitters from the top motion analysis software company Advanced Motion Measurement.  We have partnered with Catalyst Golf Performance in downtown Chicago to put together an analysis package.  Our 3D analysis package provides the hitter the most precise physical and biomechanical feedback on the planet.  Justin Stone has a master’s degree in this field and will break down the data in an understandable fashion and design drills to combat your deficiencies.  Your package will include:

  • Fitness and Vision Screening With Biomechanics Expert at Catalyst Performance
  • Swing Testing and Biomechanical Report at Catalyst Performance
  • 30 Minute Lesson with Justin Stone to Go Over Results and Work On Deficiencies

This is great to find young athletes physical deficiencies that could detract from the swing and for advanced players, it gives us the most detailed analysis possible.

Package is $299

(Once package is booked, Justin will contact you to get your 1 hr session at Catalyst Performance booked as well as your follow up lesson with him.)

Catalyst Golf Performance is in the Buckingham Athletic Club at the 1 Financial Place Building at 440 S. LaSalle in Downtown Chicago.

See below for more information on the screening and analysis:

The screening process is an essential part of our preliminary assessment and goes far beyond what a player needs to do in the gym. We also see many different strengths and weaknesses that will create tendencies for swing characteristics.  We test all the basic elements of fitness, and visualization skills during this process.

Functional Fitness Test – Our battery of physical tests will show your strengths and weaknesses in flexibility, strength, power, motor control, and balance throughout your entire body.  With these results, we can create a corrective exercise program for you that will support your instruction program.  Just remember that many of these screens look far easier than they actually are!

Vision Testing – Your eyes are a very important element whenever you hit a ball. Slight variations in how your eyes focus can significantly alter your depth perception and can cause major frustrations with performance.  This is important and lets us know if your deficiencies are vision related rather than swing or phsically related.
3D Analysis:
We measure a player’s biomechanics with an electro-magnetic 3D motion capture system made by Advanced Motion Measurement. This system allows us to view the swing in a full 3D model and also provides data on the motion of every segment of the body during the swing. This system measures both directional and rotational motion in a full six degrees of freedom.

The Kinematic Sequence is a comparison of the rotational speeds of the pelvis (hips), thorax (upper torso), lead arm, and the bat. The most efficient motion will find these segments changing direction and peaking in speed in the order pelvis, thorax, arm, bat. If these patterns do not exist in your swing or have a variety of different subtle variants, you may be losing a significant amount of power and have a difficult time making consistent contact with the ball.

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