Kyle Ostrowski Commits to Purdue University

January 15th, 2013

Kyle Ostrowski commits to Big Ten Champion Purdue Boilermakers

By: Cory Zomick

The date was October 7, 2000 and Kyle Ostrowski was 4 years old when he first stepped foot onto the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, to attend a football game.  That day he and his family witnessed the Boilermakers overcome a 28-10 halftime deficit, behind star quarterback Drew Brees, to win 32-31 over the Michigan Wolverines.  This win was part of a special Rose Bowl run by the Purdue program.  Purdue University has always been a part of Kyle Ostrowski’s family and now that connection grows even stronger as the class of 2015 lefty pulled the trigger and made his commitment to the university’s baseball program Saturday evening.

Kyle’s father, Rich, attended Purdue University for two years and his older brother, Matt, is currently a freshman on campus.  The Ostrowski family lives about an hour and a half from the Purdue campus, which will allow for them to catch many of Kyle’s future outings in person.  When Kyle is a freshman his brother Matt will be in his senior year and the whole family will be able to attend games together.  This was a huge draw for the family during Kyle’s recruitment.  “West Lafayette has always been a special place to our family and to have both of our sons on the campus together will allow us to spend time as a family and see Kyle’s games at the same time.  As a parent you can only dream that your son will have the opportunity to attend a school that will provide a quality academic experience coupled with top-level athletic success, like Purdue offers.  Adding in the proximity of the campus made it a perfect fit for Kyle and our family.” Rich Ostrowski stated.

Interest in the Purdue program began to build through the contacts made by Elite Baseball coach Phil Wright.  Phil was the one who initiated the dialogue between the Ostrowskis and the Purdue staff regarding the 6’2” Elite southpaw.  Shortly after Kyle attended a camp on campus, which allowed him to play on the brand new Alexander Field and tour the facilities.  “Seeing the new field and facilities really opened my eyes to the experience Purdue can offer a potential baseball student athlete.  With the new renovations Purdue’s facilities are on par with some of the nation’s top programs.”  Kyle mentioned after attending the camp on campus.

Kyle now joins two of his Elite Baseball Class of 2015 teammates, Nick Dalesandro and Joe Uvelli, as Purdue commitments.  The three teammates had talked last week about the Purdue program and the possibility of Kyle joining the Elite Baseball/Boilermaker pipeline.  The recent success of Purdue baseball has really opened the eyes of top recruits like Kyle to the program.  In 2012 Purdue received a #1 NCAA regional seed and had a record 7 selections in the MLB Draft including 35th overall pick Kevin Plawecki. Kyle said, “Without the recent success of the program I don’t think it would have been on the map.  The coaching staff there has been great throughout this process.  They are easy to connect with and as a Purdue fan I enjoy talking everything Purdue sports with them, not just baseball.”

Kyle credits the work he has put in with Elite Baseball Training Head Instructor, Travis Kerber, as what has gotten him to this point on the mound.  Ostrowski began working with Travis before joining the Elite Baseball family and the two have come a long way working together.  “I started working with Kyle 6 years ago when he was short and skinny and his ability was comparable to most kids his age.  After a few years went by I witnessed him grow into his body and knew that he could potentially have something special.  I have had some of the most intense throwing sessions with him, where we literally get into a long toss session and try and knock the other guy’s glove off.”  Kerber stated about working with Kyle over the past 6 years.

Now with the recruiting process over Kyle can focus on his upcoming sophomore season at Lincoln Way North and the Elite Baseball’s run for a national title over the summer.  The goals don’t stop at the collegiate level for Kyle Ostrowski though and he and Travis Kerber will continue to train together with the hope to one day get a shot at the big leagues.  Kerber went on to say, “I am extremely proud of Kyle and the effort he had put in to get where he is today.  To get the opportunity to play at Purdue has always been high on his list and today is a great day for him and his family.  I also know his goals do not just include college baseball and going forward we will continue to develop his velocity and off speed pitches so he can one day fulfill his ultimate dream of playing in the MLB.”

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